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Dr James Ham Riding Scholarship Fund

Dr James Ham, a dedicated champion of VARHA for more than 30 years of his life, passed away on October 28th, 2016.  Because of Jim's vision and commitment to creating a venue for children and adults with special needs to receive therapy through horseback riding, VARHA has become a leading state of the art facility. To honor this man, and his tireless efforts to promote VARHA, the board adopted a new name for the rider scholarship fund: The Dr James Ham Riding Scholarship Fund. 

$200.00 - One, 6-week therapeutic riding session for one rider.

$180.00 - One, 5-day, 2 hours per day horse camp for one rider.

$110.00 - One, 4-week, Young Riders’ Horse Camp for one rider, age 3 to 7.

$60.00 - One, 3-hour day camp for one rider.

$33.35 - One hour of therapeutic riding for one rider.

Other.  All donation amounts are appreciated and will go toward rider scholarships.

Or mail to:  


150 Wagner Drive

Franklin PA 16323

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